Simulation 1998 Windows Activision Futuristic Tank sim Shooter

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One of the best tank games ever

Battle Zone is a Windows remake of an old 1988 tank simulation game, but with a lot difference than the original. Rather than a simple tank sim, Activision has ingeniously transformed the game into a hybrid of a tank sim game, first person shooter game and a real time strategy, with much success. The success of the game brought a sequel, Battlezone II, which was as good as this one. It is set in the 1960's, with an alternative history path in which the space race was just a cover up for the Americans and the Soviets to send their military forces into space. These nations are now fighting across the whole solar system. The whole idea around building tanks and buildings in this game is bio scrap that is used as the main resource to manage. Using those, you build and modify you tank and other objects that help you in the game. You can play solo in a series of campaigns both on the American and Soviet size, and there is a fantastic multiplayer option if you want to play with other human players online. The game is a masterpiece of action, strategy, fantastic graphics and great music. It is highly dynamic, fast paced and very challenging. The game's high quality 3D graphics worthy of much newer games help you see your environment in almost crystal clarity. The level designs are also top notch and the AI very well written and sure to give you a hard time. This is one of the best tank shooter games and I urge you to play it, as well as its sequel.

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