Sea Dragon

Arcade 1983 Dos Dosbox Adventure International Horizontal shooter Flight shooter

Sidescrolling submarine shooter

Sea Dragon is a classic sidescrolling shooter game, in which you control a submersible that can shoot in front of it and upwards. You move within the sea from left to right, and there are other submersibles that will shoot at you, from within the bidimensional sea, but there are also ships, above water, that will send torpedoes at you. Your goal is to destroy as many submersibles as well as ships from above, and, evidently, to avoid the torpedoes and other projectiles that are hurling towards you. There are also levels full of stalactites, of lasers, and many other such perils which get refreshed from time to time, to turn the game into a really mean hard experience later on. Graphically it looks alright, sharing in DOS the same look that it had on the original platform, the ATRS-80. So give it a try, it will definitely offer you a satisfying experience. A similar game is also Titanic, a great download if you want something similar but from within the body suit of a diver, and with less deadly enemies.

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