USS John Young 2

Simulation 1992 Dos Magic Bytes Naval

Unrealistic but fun military sim

While not exactly overburdened with realism, this neat little arcade-style sim offers a reasonable amount of fun for undemanding gamers. The game places players on the deck of the titular naval craft and gives them the opportunity to experience life aboard the ocean waves. There are four missions on display, convoy attack, platform attack, submarine attack and full-on convoy assault, but to be honest there isn't much difference between them all, with the number and type of enemies being the only major change. You can also choose the location of your missions, with such exotic places as the Falklands and Tanazu to be explored, while you can also select to engage your enemies during the day or at night. These options do present a few ways to play the game, adding in a bit of replay value, but there really isn't much else going on here. Visually, the game is nice enough, with bright and colourful graphics that prove to be quite appealing and with some nicely detailed and varied enemy ships to blow out of the water. Sound too is similarly decent and adds much to the atmosphere. The controls and interface are simple enough to get the hang of and are responsive enough to make the game accessible, while the option to take over multiple weapons systems aboard your craft also adds in some variety and tactical depth to the game. While this is not really suited to the hardcore military sim crowd, those players of games like Silent Hunter or Aces of the Deep, for those seeking a more acrade-style experience, this makes for an entertaining diversion.

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