Varmintz Deluxe

Puzzle 2004 Windows Skunk Studios. Cartoon 3D Action

Save the racoons!

Taking its inspiration from the classic arcade game Frogger, Varmintz is an attractive update which adds a few new features but which just doesn't cut it in the charm stakes. It's a playable enough offering and is worth a look when you're in the mood for some old-school action but it's pretty forgettable and is likely to be deleted in fairly short order. The idea here is that you're in control of five raccoons and it's your job to get them to safety. You've got multiple levels across different environments to play through, with gameplay being very similar to the aforementioned Frogger. There are five dens at the top of the screen so you have to get each raccoon in one, by moving them from the bottom and avoiding the various hazards which get in your way. These include cars, trains, people and even pigs with revolvers, and while you can't attack, there are various ways to avoid them, including jumping on clouds. There are a few bonus points available from grabbing golden eggs while powerups include the ability to freeze enemies and invisibility. Varmintz isn't a bad little game but it's very short term in its appeal. The new features do a decent job of updating the essential Frogger gameplay for a new generation and certainly give things a bit more variety. The visuals too are quite nice, with some varied environments and charming little sprites, although the sound is less than impressive. The execution however just feels a little too cynical to make it a must play but if you just want a fancy version of Frogger, this does the job.

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