Veil of Darkness

Adventure 1993 Dos Dosbox Event Horizon Software Horror

Isometric action adventure with a horror story

Veil of Darkness plays as a top down isometric RPG, however, the inner working of the game pit it more in the direction of an adventure. You control your character by pointing and clicking, you get to solve all sort of puzzles, many of which involve selecting and using different items at certain points in the game. The atmosphere, at first glance is not too dramatic/too horror like, save maybe for the gothic inspired music. But, later on, the game picks it up, and you'll be faced with a rather more darkly tone and a deepening mystery to solve. The game however, is far from scary in, say, the way recent horror survivals are, say, like the Penumbra series or older horror classics like Resident Evil. In comparison, the tone remains quite tame, and the horror are more a question of story that is presented to you incidentally, rather than through in game mannerisms. At any rate, for a mystery/lite horror game, Veil of Darkness is an ok experience. You won't have troubles navigating the game world, as the mouse and keyboard controls are simple and straightforward, but in any case, don't expect a jump out of your seat adventure. Just an ok isometric adventure game for those that want a rather tame experience.

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