The Summoning

RPG 1992 Dos Dosbox Event Horizon Software Isometric Fantasy

Top down RPG; battle oriented and very diverse

In The Summoning you will go about exploring mostly dungeons and other labyrinthine spaces, very interesting spaces that you will love because a lot of loot and enemies are roaming about in there, without always spawning in the same exact spaces. Also, those that hate taking care of sprawling arrays of characters can rejoice – in this game there are no parties, you are all alone. But you can conjure magic tricks, and you can go about killing monsters via classic weapons of a medieval mythos: swords, axes, bows and arrows and so on. Graphically, it's a good top down, isometric kind of look kind of game. It looks beautiful and it creates a great and fantastic kind of build. Also, what you will also love about it is the fact that it brings you lots of different locales, even if made with the same, limited set of tiles. But, even in spite of that, it still looks amazing, beautiful and always with lots of secret spaces. Of course, it's linear, the story is nothing extraordinary. Just find the Shadow Weaver, the arch enemy in the game, and your journey is done. A good alternative can be Dink Smallwood, a similarly simple top down RPG, though a less darkly one!

Puzzle game having a good variety

This RPG puzzle game is somewhat unique and distinct from others in this category. The puzzles here are very much clever and the level system is simply great. The game is not simply linear as you have the feature of doing some side puzzles and to adopt different paths in the game. The 3D isometric graphics of this game are really inviting for a good puzzle treat. The spell casting system that it features is very good and the traps and the puzzle scenarios are very competitive where you have to search out keys for going through different doors. The game really takes you on as the level advances and you have to be very sharp in interpreting scenarios and details so that you can progress onwards. The graphics have been kept somewhat different form other games in this genre so that it gives a new feel to the user. The interface is also easy and simple which makes the game equally fun for all age groups. Though it's not a hardcore RPG but is a shining star for this category. So I have no doubt in recommending this one to all of you out there.

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