Midtown Madness

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Enjoyable driving mayhem on the streets of Chicago

If you're looking for a slice of driving action that gives you the freedom to explore, set your own challenges and which provides a bit of variation on the usual formula, then Midtown Madness offers a decent slice of Crazy Taxi-style open world driving that is worth a look. As opposed to most games where you are restricted to defined courses, Midtown Madness offers the entire city of Chicago as your playground, with all the major landmarks and streets recreated accurately and with a number of cars available to tear up the asphalt. Several single-player modes are on display here and which allow players to take part in time trials or traditional competitions against other racers, with other elements like traffic and cops also being introduced, or you can simply explore the city for the fun of it. Various options are available in the different modes, allowing you to set the weather, frequency of traffic, cops and pedestrians and other such elements. The cars are nicely varied and include more common examples like VW Beetles and Ford Mustangs to more exotic ones like the Panoz Roadster. Midtown Madness really does offer a nice variation on the usual driving game and for the most part it is a lot of fun. There is a lot to be said for the thrills that are offered by screaming through a major city with cops in hot pursuit and pedestrians scattering wildly before you and the four modes do offer some good variety. Both sound and visuals are pretty impressive, with appropriately meaty effects and plenty of detail to the cars and backdrops. Throw in some solid and responsive controls and you have all the makings of a great little racer. Check out Midtown Madness 2 or Driver for some more exciting driving action.

Fun racing all the way!

Midtown Madness is a very fun racing game which is different from the conventional racing themes. The games gives you vast city exploration tracks and a very good depth of options. Starting with the game modes, they are 4 in total and everyone is unique and filed with action and fun. Start with the blitz mode where you have to beat the time to reach from one location to another. The checkpoint mode where you will be cruising through dense traffic and pedestrian people which you can set up yourself through the editor. Then you have the circuit mode where you will be doing racing with the competitive computer opponents on defined tracks. The last mode in the game is the Cruise mode which basically involves racing and exploration of the city of Chicago. MM has added a lot of variety to the gameplay through options such as selecting the time of racing, the density of pedestrians and traffic on the tracks, the weather conditions and the crash mechanics. All these options are very functional and they really add a lot of replay value to the game. The graphics are very good and so are the crisp controls. You should also try Top Speed but first enjoy Midtown Madness city racing.

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