Virtua Striker

Sport 1994 Sega Sega Soccer Arcade style

Cool soccer game

If you like arcade style sports game where the sports is the thrilling soccer action, you must download Virtua Striker. There are many traits to this game and all of them have been implemented with a lot of perfection. The first good trait is that you can select from a large number of local and international teams and can take part in leagues and tournaments. It also renders you a statistical database which allow you to select players for your team. The game offers a training mode as well which allows you to get a feel and control over the controls of the game. The game also allows you to strategize the gameplay before the match and during the match. This has been made possible through a brilliant A1 that it features. The graphics are really sharp and this depicts in the clear and well defined backgrounds and the modelling of the players and the stadium. The controls are very responsive and you can perform various tricks with simple key combination of both keyboard and joysticks. The raced action in it is supported by some fine animations and the user interface is also to be praised. Soccer action games is a vast genre and another good game is this genre is International Soccer.

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