PC Calcio 4

Sport 1995 Dos Dosbox Dynamic Soccer Team management

2D soccer game with a high up camera perspective

The original bit of this 2D action soccer game is the fact that it increases the visibility of the playing field by panning the camera way up, more so than many other soccer titles. The slight disadvantage might be that it thus makes the players appear much smaller, though, in truth, they are proportional in dimension, as they are supposed to be. Other than that the game is simulating an Italian championship, and so it might be more interesting to those looking for some club level action with Italian teams. As the name suggests the championship is the 95 one, so those that watched the azure championship back in the day will instantly connect with the players. Anyway, there's nothing spectacular about the game, it is similar to Action Soccer, another soccer game released back in 95. Whichever you choose to play you'd be getting a very similar experience, though this later title is maybe a bit more attentive to details, while also being internationally themed. But, again, for fans of the Italian internal soccer circuit (to call it that, hehe!) this is a good 2D game, worth a gander nonetheless.

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