Virtua Fighter

Action 1995 Windows SEGA Beat em up

Historically important but dated fighter

Virtua Fighter is notable for being the first one-on-one beat 'em up which brought the genre into 3D as well as its use of real-world fighting techniques rather than the commonly used fantasy-style moves of competitors like Street Fighter 2. Fortunately, the game's historical importance is not the only thing it has going for it, and it remains a fun and fluid fighter. The basic premise of Virtua Fighter is the same as every other such game and pits a variety of combatants against each other in a series of bouts that simply require them to knock the living daylights out of each other. There are eight fighters to choose from here each with the usual variety of punches and kicks and with plenty of combinations being possible, while battles take place against a number of different backdrops to add some visual variety. In terms of graphics, while Virtua Fighter was undoubtedly groundbreaking back in the day, it sadly now looks rather dated, with block and plainly detailed characters which are more comical than anything else. The gameplay itself though stands up somewhat better, with fighting that offers strategy and action in equal measure, while the sound is equally impressive. If you're used to the likes of Street Fighter 2 or Mortal Kombat though, the slower pace may be hard to adjust to as the game's slightly more realistic nature lends it a more thoughtful aspect. Apart from this though, this remains a enjoyable and slick fighter that is worth checking out for historians and fighting fans alike.

3D fighting in 1993

This game is the first 3D fighter game (Street Fighter II was the top commercial in 2D) and that is truly a feat when you think that a 3D game was a real rarity at that time, making it a revolutionary game indeed. But, if we take that out, we get nothing but a typical fighting game. The game is basically all around a one on one fight with two or three rounds, with a fourth if the win is indeterminate. It has a very simple control system with three buttons, but the combination of the buttons mixed with the timing make the combinations almost endless. As a fighting game, it's exciting and fun. Although all characters have the same abilities, it's cool to still have a varied selection of available players. The characters that look like they were made out of boxes might look a bit funny to the today's player, but again you have to remember this is one of the first 3D games. The soundtrack is also very nice with real music instead of midi sounds, which was also a big thing back then. You should really try out the game if anything because this game was way ahead of its time. And it's really fun, too.

Not an amazing game

This is one of the first 3d fighting games that ever existed it was on the Sega 32x but its not an amazing game , when you jump its like you're on the moon and the characters act like they got, problems... still its fun to play and i recomend you to check it out.

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