Comic Kicker Euro 2000

Sport 2001 Windows Wihlborg Entertainment Soccer Arcade style

Not as funny as it thinks it is, but playable

Comic Kicker Euro 2000 is an alright football sim game, top down 2D styled, relatively interestingly produced, graphically alright, but never too well polished or delivered. Therefore, when all is said and done, even if the game wanted to be wacky or sort of amusing, it barely is anything more than your regular (though well done, surely) soccer sin in top down 2D. Thus, if you were looking for some caricature game, this barely touches on that promise, but it plays well enough. So, in terms of control it is also alright, as is in the way the physics of the game are delivered. There might be some issues, here and there, due to the lack of precision in controlling the ball, but for a few play sessions this won't cause any problems. So, yeah, not the funny FIFA game that the title seemed to promise, but all things considered, a pretty well done game in its own right. It boosts a championship more as well as single games, and a good roaster of teams, so you won't miss any of these. But, like I said, not a lot of humor...

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