Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior

Action 1989 Dos Palace Software Beat em up

Conan style sword fighter game

Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior is a neat one trick pony, allowing you to sword fight (while being able to make use of a few other combative and blocking moves) your way through ranks of same looking barbarians, all of whom seem inspired by the Conan cartoons. But, prepare yourself, the EGA graphics and the ultra simplistic set of moves you have at your disposal are not for the demanding or for the weak at heart. You see, this game was also designed for the ZX Spectrum but the DOS version could be played EGA mode, or it could be taken up a notch to VGA style graphics,( where at leat you could avoid a stroke by magenta overdose!) but the inherent simplify of the core game was unadulterated. Anyway, this isn't your typical fighter game, it plays more like a beat them up where you also traverse the game world left to right, while fighting your way through ranks of upset barbarians. I say sort of, because the world could just as well be a continuous one screen loop, that's how simple and uninspired it it. Besides the green pastures (or pink pastures, depending on your graphics version, EGA or VGA!) you will you will also encounter patches of trees and, eventually, if you survive the ever powerful boredom, you'll get to some other bits that are a hint more diverse! But, mainly, that will be your game for the longest time: just a slow crawl from left to right, up until you have to give it to the game: you win, game, victory by boredom! Want to play a more diverse beat em up? Try Wild Streets, it actually can be played for more than 5 minutes!

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