Batman the Movie

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Ocean Cartoon Platformer

Ok platformer with good graphics

Batman the Movie is an average platformer, featuring Batman. However, the night stalking hero is presented without many of his bells and whistles. He will spend most of his time running from left to right, with few places where he can use his climbing gadgets, his batarang or some other of his staple gadgets. Therefore, the game will feel a bit underwhelming to those that do not care that much about a non descript platformer. And as such, you time with this game might come to a halt quite soon. However, if you make exception of the character that the game plays with, you will find that after a while the game picks it up. It will present you with fairly linear scenarios, but none of them are that bad to take you out of the grove. They are simply too unimpressive and make use of the same tiles, of the same baddies and so on. Will you want to play this, given that the bat backstory/elements are not that well caught in the game? Maybe so, if you are not the most demanding arcade platformer gamer, otherwise I would not recommend it to you. For those that want a better Batman game, Batman Returns is a much better experience.

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