VooDoo Kid

Action 1997 Windows Infogrames Horror Puzzle based

A captivating horror adventure

It is a horror and action adventure where you have a fantasy theme which is based on a fictional story. A protagonist is reading some novel about the story of some caption who turned his crew members into deadly zombies and is now going with them to an island known to inhabit lost souls. The character in the game falls asleep while reading the novel and gets transported to the same ship where he/she meets the butler of the captain who asks for help to rescue all the souls and the zombies. Well the character can both be male and female and it will depend on your selection and the good thing about the game is that it can even be played by an 8 year old and is good enough to excite a young man as well. Now on your course to the rescue, the butler will render with you with a variety of clues and information that will be needed to solve obstacles and the puzzles that are there in the game. You need to go through all the puzzles and obstacles to able to defeat the captain and rescue the trapped zombies and the souls. The graphics in the game are what one would like to see with fantasy games and the level designs are also unique and eye catchy. What the game does is it binds the interest of the gamer pretty well and is up there with the likes of Vigilance.

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