Billy the Kid

Action 1993 Dos Alive Software Platformer Arcade style

Classic Western thrills

The Western genre is one which has been criminally overlooked in modern times, with only the likes of Red Dead Redemption and the Call of Juarez series standing out in recent memory. Back in the glory days of gaming, the genre was slightly more popular, with the likes of Gunsmoke and Lost Dutchman Mine doing a sterling job of recreating the pioneering days. Billy the Kid is one equally decent blast from the past and which is well worth digging out for cowboy fans and retro lovers alike. The game puts players in the shoes of either the notorious outlaw himself or legendary lawman Pat Garrett, with things playing out slightly differently depending on who you choose. It's very much an action game, with a mix of levels that play out like simpler versions of arcade shooters such as Operation Wolf and where players gun down anyone who gets in their way while robbing a bank, or overhead sequences where you make your escape on horseback. The game scores highly for its massive world, which provides plenty of forts, settlements and canyons to explore and which really bring the Old West to life in true 8-bit fashion, with vibrant visuals that are just brimming with personality and although the music doesn't fare quite so well it is still decent enough. However, it's the gameplay that shines and there is plenty to keep you entertained here, with plenty of action sequences that are genuinely enjoyable to experience, while the two distinct storylines also offer plenty of replay value and which are quite unusual for the period. Billy the Kid is something of an unknown gem and is well worth digging out when you're in the mood for some serious cowboy action

Will you be the law or outlaw

This is a very interesting western action adventure game centered around the most famous outlaw in the history of the Wild West and you can play the game from the perspective of Billy the Kid or sheriff Par Garret, the man who finally caught him. What is great is that each character has its own gameplay so you will probably be playing the game at least twice, to see the both sides of the story. The game is a mix of a side scroller and a third person adventure game, since you have two different perspectives, one from the side when your character is in town and a top down view when you're out. You will visit a lot of the famous Wild West towns as well as Indian settlements and there will be a lot of action and shooting around. The game is very fun and adventurous and the very good graphics help the enjoyment of the gaming experience. The sounds is not much though, very simple midi tunes that remind me of the old 80's games from the Amiga. If you like western games like Lucky Luke and want to play cowboys and sheriffs, try this game out.

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