Soccer Kid

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Krisalis Platformer

The power of the Cup compels you!

Aliens that, for some reason, hate soccer, have descended on top of the local soccer tournament and have stolen the treasured cup, the one that was to be awarded to the winning team. But, our noble hero is by no means going to accept this state of affairs (or order a new cup be cast!) instead he goes on a worldwide trek in order to find the cup and take it back. So, Soccer Kid is a sidescroller action game, an 8 bit, cartoony game, in which you will have to jump over obstacles, try to get out of the way of danger, and use your soccer ball (which, fortunately, the aliens have not stolen too!) in order to find our way forward. It's a cool sidescroller adventure, and the ball shooting action is nice enough. Every stage represents a country, and you'll go about in countries that have been styled as Italy, Russia, US and Japan. It's a kids' game, for sure, but a nice enough one, with responsive controls and very cartoon character like animations. Alternatively, download Dangerous Dave or A Boy and His Blob: Trouble in Blobolonia if you like balls, even when they are not for shooting!

Around the world with a soccer ball

When I heard the term "Soccer Kid" I was thinking "Another soccer game". And I was wrong and so are you if you shared my opinion. This is actually a pretty fun soccer platform game (like Super Mario with a soccer ball) with a cool idea - you have to collect scattered parts of a Soccer World Cup that was unfortunately broken. To do this, you get to see the wide world - Italy, Britain, Russia, Japan, and eventually the USA. The little soccer kid looks pretty cute, all short and with a cute face, armed only with a soccer ball during his entire trip. Followed by a very cool and upbeat tune, you lead your ball through the levels, jumping to platforms and picking up stuff like hamburger and sweets and collecting points. And there a lot of neat things you can do with your ball to. It has very nice VGA graphics and good animation too. All in all, you have a fun game with a lot of levels, and interesting plot, a in return you get a great time and a afternoon well spent. Great for kids!

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