Wall Street Trader 2000

Strategy 1999 Windows Interplay Trade or management

Greed is good

There are a number of trading simulators on the market, from Rags to Riches to Corporate Raider and most of them provide some pretty decent financial entertainment if numbers and making fake cash are your bag. This one is part of a series which is a fairly typical bunch of games for the genre so pick this one up if you fancy a bit of number crunching fun. The idea here is that the world is on the brink of financial collapse, no doubt brought to its knees by war, environmental disaster and so on. It thus falls to you to step in and save us all from economic depression by learning how to manipulate the markets and return everything to how it once was. With the help of series favorite, Lord Fleming, you'll learn the ropes of the stock exchange, picking up valuable tips on when to buy and sell and what to look out for in order to make a killing. You'll learn about performing raids, hostile takeovers and other such real world activities, all safe in the knowledge that if you make a mess of it, it's not real money you're losing. For the most part, this is a pretty compelling experience. It manages to take what could have been a very tedious game of number watching and turns it into a fairly tense game. There are moments of frustration as you have to watch the new or follow some dull graphs in order to make your choices but despite this, there's a genuine sense of anticipation and excitement as you wait to find out if your actions pay off. The interface and explanations could have been handled better but for Gordon Gecko-loving types, this is an intriguing experience.

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