Corporate Raider

Simulation 1988 Dos Dosbox SoftServ Business Strategic scope

Stock market sim, rather complex but not over the top difficult

Following the same recipe of Inside Trader, on whose legacy this one is built (and to which it is a sequel), Corporate Raider is a top notch stock market exchange sim. It does a great job because the amount of detail that had went into simulation a big economy, with lots of points that work on top of one another, and, also, with a mighty fine interface. Now, to be quite fair, let's take a second and discuss the advantages of dressing a game in ASCII clothing; it might seem counterintuitive that this would be a good choice for such a game. However, this one was released in 87. The alternative would have been a really lacking build of graphics, nothing too well done. Sure enough though, you can control it easily, and for the most part all controls and info are easy to find and use. So, yeah, if stock market exploits is what you want to deal with, this game can be the home of the entire gamut of speculation or even fair trade. But who wants to trade fair, right?! So, whatever you want to be, a fair (and poor!) trader or a world economy collapse master, you can attempt it all in this one.

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