Warlords 3: Reign of Heroes

Strategy 1997 Windows Red Orb Entertainment Fantasy Medieval Top down

The Warlords are back!

Warlords 3: Reign of Heroes is a 1997 fantasy strategy game, that differentiates from second Warlords game with better graphics and various new options, including the multiplayer mode. The Warlords are back, and at the beginning of the game you can create new heroes, each with their own moral values, traits, strenghts, and many more. The heroes, warriors and mercenaries will fight against enemies like zombies, skeletons, and other creatures, that have the ability to tear you down with only few gestures. So, you have to be careful when you defend yourself. If you haven't played a strategy game before, you will spend some time until you will find the ideal way to approach the gameplay. The controls and command options are easy, but the planning to attack properly the enemies is a bit complicated. You have to create an army that is big and ready enough to destroy the opponents. The producers used their innovative imagination to surprise you and to offer the players a distinctive feeling when it comes to the game's dramatical moments and environment elements like the flowing waters, buildings, mountains, etc. You can choose from various scenarios that present the specific history of some clans. These scenarios require an accurate plan and a sharp mind. Ready for war? Play this game!

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