Storm Across Europe

Strategy 1989 Dos Dosbox SSI World Wars

Solid introduction to the joys of wargaming

While visually unappealing, Storm Across Europe is a highly compelling and complex historical strategy game that should provide fans of Panzer Battles and similar games with all the tactical depth and thrills they require. The game takes players through pretty much the whole of WWII, with a set of campaigns covering some of the most dramatic moments of the conflict and with every geographical aspect of the war also included, from Russia to North Africa and everything in between. It all plays out in turn-based fashion, with a single turn representing three months of real time, and with players in charge of controlling elements like limited resources and research while of course having access to a myriad of land, air and sea units with which to wage war. The focus here is very much on the grand scale of things, rather than seeing the action from the ground, but this gives the game a nicely epic sense and it is undeniably compelling watching the tide of war across as it ebbs and flows across the entire European continent and beyond. The game is certainly challenging, with AI that puts up a stiff fight and forces you to really consider your moves and actions, thus requiring some fairly deep tactical thought. As mentioned, anyone expecting a graphical feast will be sorely disappointed as there is little beyond the rather poorly depicted map screen, with sound that is similarly lacking. However, as long as you can get past this, Storm Across Europe provides a good introduction to the joys of computer-based wargaming and makes for a worthy investment of your time.

High level war gaming sim, highly playable

This particular table top turn based war gaming sim offers a very good balance of playability. At the map level you face tactical decisions that are never explored very in detail. This makes it easier for you to get into the game and actually simulate the kind of strategic thinking a general would be faced with, rather than have to micromanage the lower grade aspects. Still, you have a secondary economic display for other options to play with, but generally, you won't have to fiddle with it very much. The game focuses of the European front of the WWI and will put you in a few very well modeled economic and strategic situations, giving you the chance to rewrite history or to re-enact the more renowned battles of the era. Don't expect a graphic feast though, the map is very poorly rendered, but functional enough and it does a good enough job at never confusing you in regard to your units and your supply lines. Because of its relatively more modest simulation depth it can be a great game for less heavy handed couch generals and a good old classic for those that want to sample computerized war gaming of the end of the 80s era.

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