Warsong - Langrisser

Strategy 1991 Sega Masaya Fantasy

My pick for a great strategy game

Warsong is a turn base and a strategy game that has a very unique plot and has some very good features to cater the users with. You are a prince in this game and your father the king has been dethroned from his empire by some invaders who were basically looking out for Warsong. The Warsong is a magical sword that is known to contain strong powers which it bestows on the one that holds it. Now your mission is to gather allies and to get the sword back to regain the empire. When it comes to the gameplay of this strategy game, you have different units to select in which you can choose troops having their distinct weaknesses and skills. You have guardsmen, horsemen and archers in your units and you have to use them at the best time and in the best manner. Being a strategy game, a lot is depending on how you use your resources against the enemies. The gameplay in terms of the level designs is very innovative and gives a lot of variety. The graphics there are amazing and takes you deep into the game. I have played many strategy games but there is only a few which are good and that includes this game and the one known as Fantasy Empires.

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