Medieval Warriors

Strategy 1991 Dos Merit Studios Fantasy

Similar to Operation Combat but fantasy themed

Medieval Warriors is a turn based strategy, a top down turn based strategy that looks like it's a hyper produced NES 8bit game. It really puts too much detail in things that are not necessary for the game, and in doing that Medieval Warriors loses a lot of focus. However, the idea is interesting, even if botched execution wise – this game threads on the footsteps of Operation Combat which played similarly to this one. However, the difference is that in Medieval Warriors, the setting is a fantasy one, while in OC it was more of a present/slightly Sci Fi one. At any rate, the game, apart from the fact that is built on a set of graphics that simply don't make sense for its genre is also pretty boring pacing wise. Where it fails is in having a nice AI that can actually make some choices that make sense. Nope, one moment they seem to engage you in a series of actions that seem to make sense only to simply make stupid mistakes the second. That and the general feeling of being too slow and uncoordinated make this game boring at best and aggravating at times. It's not fun to play it, for too many reasons. So avoid it, instead download Storm Master, an RPG based on a similar fantasy setting but executed much better.

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