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A robot that can transform into a spacecraft!

Wibarm is a game that allows you to play either as a robot, or, in certain areas, you might want to consider the other hidden ability of your player character, that of transforming into a space craft. Both of these modes are great individually, so, combined they produce an even more enticing game, one that will keep you with your eyes on the screen and your hands on the keyboard for long periods of time. Now, the game, having been originally designed in Japan, has that kind of build, with anime graphics and style, and also with a nice RPG addition of elements, again, in the style of Japanese role playing games. That is not to say that the game is in any way not going to be liked by Americans or Europeans, it's just that you will have to be a little more considerate and offer this game the time to grow on you. Once it has done so, it will turn out to be a very enjoyable action game, diverse, with lots of nice 3D indoors portions, while the outside levels are 2D. This combination of types of graphics is also a Japanese staple, but I guarantee you will get used to it in no time, and no longer look at it as some sort of weird combination. Additionally, download Cobra, a much more European game in build, but lots of action fun too.

Kill bad guys

Wibarm was ahead of its time and incorporated many things crossing platforms as it did. You played a robot who could transform from standing robot to tank to jet. When you were outside it gets as a sidescroller, if you bumped into an alien the screen would change to a closeup and you would see many "bad guys" that you would have to kill. Like Zelda 2. inside buildings it went to 3D. Really modern game in old classic DOS era!

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