Psychic War

RPG 1987 Dos Kogado Software Products Fantasy Anime

Very frustrating to play

Psychic War is a 1987 Japanese RPG game, set in the distant future. Although unmarked, it is a sequel to a preceding Cosmic Soldier game. You arrive on what appears to be a spaceship, on which there are many rooms for you to explore. On your journey you can meet other characters. The friendly ones will team up with you and join your party, which is limited to your character, and 3 others after they ally with you. Other characters are not so friendly such as robotic patrol guards, and will attack you the instant they find you. To combat them, you hold the space button, this will use the ESP attack of one of your teammates. While walking through the halls, these characters will jump out at you at random, so there is no way of avoiding a fight against an enemy. In addition, combat seems very random, there are no moves you can perform, no skill involved, you just hold the space bar. In addition to fighting enemies and making friends, there seems to be some goal to walking around. However, it is extremely easy to get lost, as the hallways all look the same, the doors all look the same and the 3D first person view is a very minor part of the UI. In fact, the static logo and an anime girl in the corners take up 60 percent of the screen for no real purpose. Overall, this was an extremely frustrating game to try to play. I literally had to try every button until something happened to see if I could get a result, as there is no manual available anywhere to be fount. I too often got lost and turned around that no progress was made, apart from befriending allies and killing enemies. If you do decide to attempt playing this game, here is a hint to save you a bit of time: the F-Keys are used in the game.

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