Action 1996 Dos GT Interactive Robots Science Fiction

Robot fighter went rogue! Has machine gun!

Bedlam is a simple action game, in which you wield a robot about, and you get to administer as much destruction as you can. It's a simple game, in build, but it's definitely not the kind of production that will let you down. It looks simple, but it manages to be highly atmospheric. It is the kind of experience where you can go about just administering bullets, left and right, without thinking too much about it! It's cool, always exciting, even if it doesn't take itself too seriously. The backstory is also impressive for a game like this – having things such as revolutions, underground preservation movements and all sort of other weird factions that will impact you in all sort of ways. So, overall, with Bedlam you can have some mindless fun, as you'd have with Zombie Shooter, and if you want something to tickle your storytelling nerves, you have some of that too. So, have it in your repertoire of shooter games, which can be played while thinking about some other things! Bedlam is a great budget shooter game, overall, which is exactly what it tries to be.

A lot of action and fun

Bedlam is one of those typical "shoot everything in sight" action game (like Chaos Engine, for example) that require a minimum of brain usage and give 100 percent adrenaline. Be it people, buildings, trees, anything, it must go in a huge explosion. To make things even better, the game is set in a very cool futuristic sci fi environment for more fun and pleasure, making you believe you are a space cowboy on a rampage. The isometric point of view is not as appealing as the top down or first person perspective, but still it is adequate enough to see what you're doing without too much trouble. There are few bugs and tweaks that might get in the way of perfect gaming enjoyment, but it's an old game and those things are almost natural to happen. Besides, you can probably find patches around the Internet. The graphics are pretty good and convincing and the sound system is detailed and very nice to the ear. If you want to blow stuff up, see a lot of action and have a blast, this is the game for you. So go on, get it!

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