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An oldie movie conversion adventure

If you're a fan of Val Kilmer or of the eponymous movie, then you'll be quite amazed to find out that this is an adventure trying to capture that exact feel of the movie. It's a pretty cool movie, in that it tries pretty hard to be an over the top adventure, but, what it does best is create just an averagely exciting product. It's mostly because the game looks dated, and if I'm allowed, I'd say it wasn't much of treasure even when it was released. The game, as the movie consists of five parts, five segments, and those are treated as mini games. There is an exploration of caves portion, an object retrieval portion and a few other ones, but these two are the best of them. Sure, they are held together by a narrative delivered text based, but you're sure to get more out of it if you've already seen the movie. So, all in all, play this after you've seen the movie, otherwise it will fall short. It doesn't really hold water on its own, but with the movie it kind of makes a bit more sense. At any rate, have The Dig around, even if totally unrelated storywise (or quality wise!) Willow reminded me of it for some reason. Maybe it's the backgrounds, which look fairly...extraterrestrial!

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