Wings! Classic

Simulation 1990 Dos Amiga, Inc. Fighting Action

Dogfighting all the way

Wings is a World War 1 action video game released in 1990 (1984 Red Baron comes to my mind) for Amiga, then again in 2002 for Game Boy Advance. In the game, you are an allied fighter pilot in WW1 and in over 200 missions, your mission is to kill the bad guys and stay alive. The game isn't oriented on a specific aircraft as such, but rather on the performance of airplanes of the era. Before your mission you get briefed about what you have to do and how you have to do it. You will have to drop bombs from your plane to strategically important targets, kill everything in site with unlimited ammo or do it your favorite way dogfights in the sky. The game was praised for its originality and performance and in 1996, Computer Gaming World ranked Wings for the Amiga as the 65th best game of all time for its masterful combination of arcade action, flight simulation, and cinematic story. It has great graphics for its time and the sound is also great, although the constant French-accented yammer in the background. It has good difficulty (not too easy or too hard) and for the lovers of old school games, it's quite a treat.

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