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Take a chance on me

Similar to the likes of Settlers of Catan, this is very much a straight adaptation of a classic board game, and although it doesn't deviate from the original Risk, it remains a solid computerized version of a great strategy experience. Pretty much all the features of the original are here, with minimal window dressing, which is perhaps the game's only weak point, but apart from this, this is well worth picking up. The basic goal remains the same as ever, with multiple players seeking to gain control of the world, and which involves choosing a country, then building up armies and moving them around the globe in order to wage war on your enemies. The mechanics here are pretty simple, with the more territories you own giving you more armies and with ownership of entire continents giving you even more bonuses. To be honest, that's pretty much all there is to the game, but despite this relative simplicity in terms of options, WinRisk remains a highly strategic and enjoyable experience. Of course, it's best played in the company of other real humans, as you do lose some of the strategy and sheer entertainment factor when you're facing off against the computer. However, even if you lack chums with which to play, this remains generally compelling, mainly due to the game's fast paced nature and possibilities for different strategies. More could have been made of the potential of the technology, but this was made a few years ago now, so any lack of innovation can easily be forgiven, and if you are looking for a solid interpretation of a classic, this is worth a look.

Everyone can become a word dictator - one country at a time

Based on the mega popular board game Risk, Winrisk is a PC conversion of the same and is in fact considered as a classic in the vintage gaming industry. The game had practically revolutionary features almost no game had at the time - the game featured multiplayer, whether online through the modem or on the same computer, it feature fantastically advanced AI that is almost unwinnable and the computer is capable of playing all three of your opponents - a feat that was virtually unheard before this time. The gameplay is practically the same as it is with the original -piece by piece, region by region, you have to take over the world. And you'll have to be prepared for the fact that taking it will have to be very, very hard. The game will go extremely hard on you, so I'd think that this game is only for the best of strategists. The graphical part of the game would need some improvement, but I'm not complaining - the rest of the game is just that good! Are you ready to become the ruler of the world? Do you have what it takes to become a global conqueror? Get this game and find out.

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