UMS II - Nations at War

Simulation 1990 Dos Dosbox Intergalactic Development War Strategic scope Board games

Huge historical scope; medium production value

If you want to create a strategy game, a wargamer's game, if you will, that can accommodate both medieval type campaign, as well as the most sophisticated and modern WWII type of combat situations, all within the same house, confines and rules, a few ideas had to be bent and a few rules of gameplay altered, you know, made universally functional. And, to an extent this game found the precise formula of gameplay that would allow both medieval combat as well as high level world war level confrontations, but what had to be compromised was both accuracy of historical ideas, as well as overall graphical detail. Now, you cannot compare this to any specialized game, but say, if you compare it to a Civilization game, you will kind of get to understand the scope of its action. And that scope is simple – a lot of elements are very much simplified, the armies have to have fewer distinct units, and the strategies lose their edge. But it can be playable, and for a more vanilla strategists, also, for one that cares less about the trappings of real history, this game sure can be enough to offer enjoyment, even in spite of its lower level of detail. So, try it, definitely it's not a bad game, it's just that it's not too complex either.

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