Winzer Deluxe

Simulation 1997 Windows Starbyte Software Nature simulation

Same trade sim as the original, but better graphically

The original Winzer was a hardcore trading simulation type game, one that put wine and the entire process of producing it center stage. Thus, you had to cultivate the ground, tend to the grapes, hire the right kind of seasonal workers and then manage to secure the distribution of your bottled wines. At its core however, this game was more of a number cruncher type sim, and you spent most of your time fiddling around with the numerical controls, whatever they were symbolizing. This was a wrong that Winzer Deluxe made right, by adding enough new interface elements to make the game a bit more graphical, though the inherent numerical game at its base was not changed. So, if you want to try a wine centric trading and production sim game, this is it, this deluxe version is easier to play and more graphically satisfying. Alternatively, you can go for what I think is the better trading sim out there, Patrician, where trading is a question of diversity of goods and of sea travel more than a game centered on one type of commodity.

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