Pinball Dreams 2

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox 21st Century Pinball Nature simulation

Offers a great game of pinball

Pinball has always been a bit of a curiosity for many gamers and it remains a love/hate genre, with those against it not seeing the attraction of bashing a ball around for no other purpose than racking up a high score and fans enjoying it for that very reason. So suffice to say that if you're not amongst the second camp, then you'll find little here to interest you but if you do enjoy a spot of flipping and tilting, then Pinball Dreams 2 will be right up your alley. There are four tables on offer here, each uniquely themed and with their own challenges to test your skills. The styles vary nicely, with a good mix of science fiction and real world, with Neptune and Revenge of the Robot Warriors delivering the goods for the sci-fi nuts of the world and Safari and Stallturn offering inventive trips into the mysteries of Africa and the daring exploits of stunt flying respectively. As far as pinball games go, this is pretty decent stuff to be honest. The four tables are extremely large and dish up plenty of challenge and ball-flipping fun, with visuals that are impressively varied and detailed, with sound effects that are equally flashy and which add much to the atmosphere. Any pinball game requires decent controls and fortunately these are as straightforward and responsive as you could hope and which help to keep the action fast and furious. Pinball Dreams 2 is certainly an improvement over its predecessor so if you enjoyed that or games like Pinball Fantasies or Silverball, then you're sure to get a kick out of this flashy follow-up.

Cartoony pinball sim with 4 different tables

Rather than try to be a realistic recreation of pinball game tables, this game is a very cartoonish take on the game, with good physics but quite a few elements that could not be part of a real game. But that is by no means a problem of the game, this original premise is a point which I think will be taken to heart by digital pinball fans. The game has 4 different tables, featuring colorful and cartoony themes and also quite a few different challenges. As with real pinball, each table will have its secrets and its combos which can multiply your score or lead to changes in the physics of the game. So, you will find that the game will reward you if you are consistent and try to exploit it as much as possible As with all pinball titles, it will only serve you for as long as you allow it, so, you can expect to get bored sooner or later. To avoid that, shorter sessions are the better option, playing a game until you lose and then return to it in a few days. Definitely a title worth checking out, along with the original Digital Illusions title.

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