Below The Root

Adventure 1984 Dos Dosbox Windham Classics Graphical IF Tales and legends

Left to right adventure in an interesting Sci Fi setting

The graphics of Below The Root are simple, almost minimalist, but that is no reason to give this game a pass. That is because the surface, there are many interesting puzzles, many different stories to unfold and also, a lot of surprises. The game combines simple left to right exploration with a deep adventure root. You will have to converse with the inhabitants, find clues, find items and solve a lot of different puzzles to move forward. In fact, there are really few games that offer this combination of Super Mario Bros left to right world and the deeply satisfying adventure elements that almost seem taken from a game such as The Longest Journey. Sure, don't get me wrong, the game never gets to that level of storytelling finesse, but, indeed, it has a very interesting blend of elements that make it almost unique in the grand scheme of things. So, take it as you may, the game will offer you a lot within the limiting bounds of its engine. But, it will surprise you with how much it manages to pack within such limiting confines, and it is this that puts this game into a category of its own.

We played every night

When my kids were young we would play this GREAT game every night after dinner. They loved it! We never did have any instructions for the game and back then there were no walk throughs. But we made it to the end of the game. To this day, and all my kids are in their 30's now still remember that game and the time we spent playing it. In fact we just cleaned out our attic where there were boxes of old computer games on floppys (remember those) and it was there. I know kids now days would not even think about playing this game, BUT back then, it was the greatest thing since sliced bread!

A must play game

This game is a MUST PLAY even to this very day! It is imaginative, fresh (to us), and opens your mind and makes you think about it for years after you play it. I recommend running it if you can with your favorite C64 emulator or the like. All of this is thanks to the Green Sky trilogy by Zilpha Keatley Snyder.

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