Treasure Island

Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox Telarium Graphical IF

Adaptation game, focused on the eponymous novel

Treasure Island was a beloved novel, especially by kids in the 90s, wrote in 83. This text based adventure tries to take the adventures with pirates that were the core of that novel and to make it a little bit more interactive, so as to entice those kids that love games, but not so much reading! Not that there is no reading in this game; quite on the contrary most of the game is delivered text based, but you also get additional slides and images that can aid you if you don't really have a great visual imagination; plus, from time to time they give clues as to how to approach certain puzzles, by highlighting certain portion of an image and so on. The story follows the novel pretty closely, but in order to make way for the player some passages have been changed, and, also, the content has been simplified, here and there, with some descriptions being replaced by the visuals. But, overall, it works, and it works pretty well; thus, you will get a great pirate adventure. Sure, if you are more about the action, Sid Meyer's Pirates will definitely create a better, more action oriented kind of construction, more worthy of being played when you want a high seas action game, and a strategic tinged one.

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