Wizardry IV

RPG 1987 Dos Dosbox Sir-tech Software Dungeons and Dragons Medieval

Dont skip The Return of Werdna, it's worth it!

The Ultima series and Wizardry have shaped the ideas and the manner in which we look at role playing adventures, and are still responsible for a lot of the tropes, settings and ideas of what a role player should be. Within the Wizardry series, Wizardry IV doesn't necessarily take the cake as the best game, but it isn't by no means a bad game. It's story follows closely in the steps of the third title as well as in pacing and also in the way the gameplay itself. Expect a few things: party based combat and exploration, a good host of NPCs to choose from to follow you around and moreover, a relatively intuitive interface. Don't expect to go around without consulting a manual unless you've played any of the older titles, but still, in terms of ease of control, it's still one of the most approachable games of the time period (RPGs, of course). Any issues? None too important to speak of, as long as you can be comfortable with its oldschool vibe. Otherwise it's smooth sailing from start to finish. And if you still don't feel like trying, because you may think it's too old (school!), don't forget about later titles, which make it so much easier for the player to sink in.

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