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You're a man! You're a wolf! You're a werewolf!

Woflsbane is a point and click adventure game which stands out with its funny story - you are a simple trader that gets bitten by a werefulf. This problem can be remedied, but you only have till midnight. How? Well, go and find out! The game is simple enough in its gameplay, you click on people to talk to them and click on things to interact with them. You have a panel at the bottom with buttons with which you tell the game to to see something, talk, take and so on. The game does have its share of problems - the puzzles are less than interesting and some times not really necessary, and the combat system is not realistic at all. Actually, it looks pretty lame. The game looks and sounds very good. Dark colors and red prevail in the game, since this is a horror game. All in all, the game has a very interesting plot, but less than perfect gameplay. I'd say you try it out, and if you don't like it, you can always play a better game, such as Dragon Lore.

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