Puzzle 1990 Dos HVB Word or trivia Challenges

Word puzzles in 4x4 matrixes

If you miss the morning paper word puzzles, then Boggle will offer you your dose, though, indeed, in rather an easier than usual form; the puzzles consists of only 4x4 matrixes, where a few of the letters have been filled, and your goal is to find the others. It's a cool, if simple combination of gameplay styles, part of which is math and numeracy based, and the other will ask you to know simple 4 letter words. You get points depending on your speed, as with each passing moment a new letter appears, so that the game gets easier, but fewer points are afforded. You (or the PC) win after you've completed 10 rounds and you've gotten a number of points which is established when you choose the difficulty of the game. You can play with 3 more players, AI controlled or human. Graphically, Boggle is a DOS, 8bit, clean, yet very simple game; it looks like it's just been coded in Basic! A good alternative to download can be Arcade Trivia Quiz, if you love trivia based puzzles and challenges, all working nice to entertain you!

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