World at War: Operation Crusader

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Atomic Games War

fine strategy war game, Good graphics and diversity

The game belongs to the vast genre of strategy war games where the plot is based on the legendary campaign of the African desert which involved Irwin Rommel. No need to go further in the plot here because the game is lot more than the interesting plot that it has. It was built by doing a bit of tweaks and modification into the gaming engine which was known as V for victory and I must say that the tweaks have worked out quite well. The war dynamics in the game area very realistic and they have not amended the original scenarios and the incidents that happened. You have 5 single modes in the game along with the campaign mode that is very detailed and extensive. The action in the game in the form sequences and destruction is prey diverse and you can do a number of moves and action against the enemies. You can either go all out destructive towards your opponent or you can launch attacks of low intensity. The game also gives you the option of competing against your buddies over the email and the A1 is also very good to give you a tough competition. The UI and the graphics of the game can also be stated as pleasing. So it's a good game overall and stands in the same row as Fields of Glory.

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