Sopwith 2

Arcade 1985 Dos Dosbox BMB Compuscience Vertical shooter

SVGA vertical shooter, well produced, with multiplayer options

Sopwith 2, as the name suggests is the successor of Sopwith, which, genre wise was just as this one, a vertical space shooter. However, the time spent between the release of these games was very well spent: a lot of additional material was worked on, and this game feels like much more of a meaty one than the first one. But the most intriguing addition, based on the way this genre was usually construed and evolved, is the incredibly satisfying multiplayer portion, which is quite a rarity in these sort of games. The multiplayer bit makes it like a very small, if you will, MMO game, and it sure turns the conflicts to higher and more engaging proportions, making it all seem so very much more intense and exciting. So, with up to 8 players tacking the never ending stream of enemies, this can sure be an epic experience, a truly hard to replicate and truly engaging, all things considered. Also, Sopwith 2 is a great game due to its nice graphics, not too modern but very satisfying for an 85 released game. And heck, for such an oldie, to play with another 7 people with you sure is an experience to look forward to!

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