Wizard Of Wor

Arcade 1998 Dos SYS64738 Single screen Epic Item collection

Technically Ok maze shooter but pretty ugly

Wizard Of Wor has a very simple recipe. You are a sort of marine in a Pac Man like series of mazes, populated with ugly insectoid aliens, which need to be destroyed. Your avatar moves rather hilariously, rotating quite unnaturally. The protagonist is depicted left to right shooter/platformer, but the mazes are top down, so there you go, a really weird combination. At any rate, you don't really have much variety, the graphic representation of the mazes is very poor and unoriginal, but, the game is sure playable, and after a while, it sets in, it sinks with you. That is if you don't mind extremely repetitive scenarios, because that's exactly what the game offers, and nothing else too much. I'd much rather play a game like Pac Man than this one. At least that one is more tactical and puzzle like, requires some prior thinking, but Wizard Of Wor is more direct. Even the name seems wrong, given that you control a pellet/bullet shooting soldier/marine, so I guess that shows the carelessness of the developers, if even the name doesn't really fit.

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