BipBop 2

Arcade 1993 Dos S&M Software Single screen Item collection

Breakout with Roman numbers!

Do you have a problem remembering the way Roman numerals work? Do you want a game where you break down the Roman numerals, and, maybe, in the process learn more about them? Great, because BipBop 2 offers you just that! For all intents and purposes, this game here is a Breakout clone, but a smart and cool one, which exchanged the classic breakout bricks for the (at times!) hard to comprehend numerals of Romanic origin. You still have to break them and in order to do that you have a paddle and a ball. If you hit special numerals you have the chance to get an upgrade, but watch out, not all of the slow falling power ups have positive effects. Therefore, you need to tackle each one independently and hopefully know in advance what they do! There are over 20 levels to play within, and each one has its own brick/numerals arrangements, so you will have quite a few levels to play within. True, it's not a very long game even so, but if you play it repeatedly you'll learn those nasty rules of addition and subtraction that govern Roman numeral formation! Good luck!

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