Innocent Until Caught

Adventure 1993 Dos Psygnosis Science Fiction Humorous

Great atmosphere and a lot of fun!

So, you are Jack T. Ladd,a womanizer, and a thief with a healthy appetite for adventure, and you would do anything to get recognized and get babes. In this fun light sci fi adventure game, you do just that. You are in trouble - the tax people just told you that you have 28 days to pay all your taxes or you are a goner! What do you do? Well, try to get some help from the outside. So, you agree to do some jobs to make quick cash. Unfortunately, not all goes as it should.. And that's where the fun begins. Innocent Until Caught is full of cool puzzles and very well written characters that are sure to make an impression, and the chaotic misfit nature of our protagonist is extremely lovable. The game is not very long, but provides tremendous enjoyment. The game is played in a third person perspective with a very simple, yet effective interface that is a huge help in the game. I really like the music that plays in the background, it reminds me bit of Cowboy Bebop, a space western anime I enjoy very much. The graphics are pretty solid, perfect for that era, 2D yet very nice and colorful. While the game is nothing revolutionary, the game oozes with a fun and humorous atmosphere and will a great choice for sci fi lovers that want something light and fun. Oh, and check out the sequel, Innocent Until Caught 2.

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