Xargon 2

Arcade 1993 Dos Epic MegaGames Tales and legends

The first pay to play installment in the Epic MegaGames series

Xargon 2 was the second episode of the Xargon saga, a sidescroller produced by Epic MegaGames, whose first episode was free for all. Wanted the later episodes? You had to pay for them. In the first episode you got acquainted with the evil Xargon, whom you chase and eventually manage to catch, but, wait, oh, no, it's not the real Xargon, is actually a minion of his. I guess it's back to square one again! This sidescrolling adventure picks up the difficulty level quite a bit, and let me tell you, the freeware episode wasn't an easy game either. But, with the help of the Granny mode (in game toggle option to slow down the action), here and there, and with a good swipe of the levels in search for cherries and for crystals, you'd be able to get enough fireballs and enough lives to get through to it. In terms of the sidescrolling experience per so, well, Xargon was by no means a very well tuned game. The animation and movement (and especially the jump mechanic) was a bit clunky, but you'd soon get used to it. At any rate, while I rarely revisit the classic sidescrollers of the era, Xargon is a different thing for me. I can't tell you how much of it is nostalgia and how much is actually the game's props, but I do play it at times, and I must tell you it is a satisfying experience still. So do try it and if you manage try some of the other episodes as well! Maybe you'll be good enough to actually catch the Evil Xargon!

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