4D Prince of Persia

Arcade 1994 Dos Dosbox Terebilov K.A. Platformer Tales and legends Oriental

I encourage everyone to play this great platform game!

4D Prince of Persia is a 1994 action game, and also an unofficial rebuilt version of the classic/ancestor of the cinematic platform genre. Your mission is to solve many puzzles and to pass a lot of traps in order to save the princess from the evil Jaffar. Everything in this game is harmoniously changed: the puzzles, the levels and the challenges! Those that liked the first Prince of Persia and never wished to have ended it, will definitely have an enthralling treat and experience with this one! The gameplay is smooth, and it consists in nice animations, in a strong and ingenious level design, in beautiful graphics and in realistic gestures made by your hero while performing actions. One fight that will probably become your favourite is the sword fight scene. I remember how many straight hours I've played this game when I first installed it and I guarantee you won't get your hands out of it too soon. Also, another part of the game that will seem the most fun is when you can change your side, meaning you can play as the evil one. It will not become boring at all, because even those that consider themselves experts in gaming may find 4D Prince of Persia a real challenge. So, I encourage everyone to play this great platform game!

just a note

@Michael MacDonald I believe you can press down to sheath your sword. the mirror version of you will do the same and you can run towards it, uniting both of you... just a different way to defeat it - I always got stuck there until a friend of mine told that... instead of fighting, do the opposite.

4D Prince of Persia

Warning: there are events in this game that if not done right, it will become impossible to beat. *Spoiler Alert* There is a scene where the evil mirror version of yourself drinks a life increasing potion before you do. If you do not find a way to get to this first.. this enemy will be impossible to beat at the end of the game. When you attack him, the health comes off of you so you need to have that extra life bar in order to kill him without killing yourself. Just a heads up, because you have to pretty much start over if you do this wrong.

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