Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Capstone Platformer

A legandary game with an average gameplay

It is the game of a legendary Spanish hero which is known to all of us i.e. Zorro. Zorro has the mission of navigating the wilderness of California and preventing the evil Don Cortez from discovering some hidden treasure. You as Zorro have been equipped with a whip and a sword that needs to be controlled effectively. The graphics are better than most of the games of that time but the controls I must say are not that swift and simple. The whip is the more effective weapon that you have and gives rise to some really funny scenes when you use it e.g. you can take off the pants of an enemy when you use the whip from a distance The game is quite similar to Prince of Persia but is far less superior in terms of the quality of the graphics and the variety in the design levels. The best trait which can really cause you to try this game is the fun element and the element of charm that comes with being the famous legendary character which is liked by many generations who have watched Zorro movies. A good platformer which goes with this one is Aladdin which has a huge fan base.

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