Strategy 1996 Windows Incredible Simulation

1879 clash between the Zulu and the British

Yep, the British were pretty cocky back in the day, before Tony Blair would come and go around pussyfooting, the nation was pretty warmongering and fearless. And, well, quite a bit superiorly armed than the natives they'd invade, say, the Zulus, but, well, history is never about matched combat, is it?! At any rate, this game does a good job at recreating this disparity between the English forces and the Zulu ones, and it is for this that it is worth sinking into. Graphically, well, it is a bit on the dull side, but then again, the tactical/wargaming turn based clash, at least mathematically, is well implemented, well captured. You can play as the Brits or you can play as the Zulus, and you'll enjoy diverse bonuses with both. (With they Zulus surprise attacks and guerilla tactics work better, while the British are better equipped but slower). Zulu War is not the epitome of smoothness, as it sure has a few bugs (plus, the tactical play from a wargaming perspective is a bit challenging and, well, might not make sense at first, requires a bit more getting used to) but it's playable. If you've got an interest in unbalanced conflicts, Defend The Alamo is also a game you might want to consider.

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