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21 for 1 to 4 (pc game)
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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Blackjack for up to 4 people and an AI dealer!

21 for 1 to 4, except for having a great name (!) is also a thoroughly well produced blackjack simulation that allows up to 4 players to play the game. The AI takes care of the dealing, while you just keep on choosing when to hit, stay, when to insure your hand, and hopefully, get a break with a roaster of cards that go up to 21 in value, but no further. Graphically, 21 for 1 to 4 is a black background game, with white graphics of the cards, with other gameplay elements being text based. More than anything, 21 for 1 to 4 is great for those that want to play with their friends, but would rather have the dealing done automatically. The CGA only graphics are thus a treat for those that love the early days DOS look of applications and game, but might be a bit of a problem for anyone else, for those that are more pretentious. So, give 21 for 1 to 4 a game, or, for a more graphically advanced game, download Mascotte Blackjack, which ups the graphical ante and sets the game in this virtual casino, in cool 3D, 2003 style crisp graphics.