Proto Type

Puzzle 1989 Dos Softdisk Publishing Reflex oriented Casual

Typing isn't fun

This sounds like it could be some super slick science fiction adventure about a rogue android or genetically engineered killing machine gone wrong but the truth is somewhat less exciting: it's a typing tutor. If you're still reading after that, it probably means you're in the market for such a thing but even if you are looking for one with a distinctly old-school sensibility, you can d a lot better than this. This one presents players with a number of games to help improve their skills. First up is Touch Typing Tests, which simply involves typing sentences as fast and accurately as possible, while the next, Tic Tac Toe, is slightly more involving. Here you get a sentence and if you type it quickly and without any errors, you are rewarded with a square on a tic tac toe board. Get it wrong though, and the computer gets the square. The third game, Escape, is perhaps the most outright fun (if such as thing can be said about a typing tutor) and sees players on the run from an enemy. By typing a given letter which appears in front of your character, you move forward, away from the enemy. Get it wrong though and you take a step back, closer to your doom. All three games have adjustable difficulty levels but apart from that, there's little in the way of options. Although it probably is helpful for your typing, Proto Type is largely lacking in much approaching fun. The three games are pretty limited in the entertainment stakes and things get boring pretty quickly so if you want to brush up on your skills and have a good time, consider checking out Mario Teaches Typing instead.

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