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Flashback (1995, CD version) (pc game)
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  • Flashback (1995, CD version) pc game
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Cinematic sequences plus speech package

The main difference between this title and the original one, released in 93 has to do more with extras. In this one you get both cinematic bits (more consistent then what could be fitted on the original floppy release) and you also get digitized speech, which, for the most part, unfortunately, replaces the original subtitles. This doesn't only affect a player in that, well, he doesn't have two methods of getting the dialogue in, it also diminishes the comprehension of the story, because, as expected, the very compressed sound source can be very crackly and noisy at times. Plus, these cinematics are not in tune with the style of the actual game, which furthermore makes the package feel not too well thought out, putting it in a position where it might as well not have been released. For the gameplay bits the changes are almost nonexistent, unless you count some bug fixes. In the original there were levels where the walls were not fit with the proper motion detection layer and so you could just pass through them, and that was fixed. Overall, for a CD version is almost lesser than the original one, so avoid it. Rather play the original, it's much better with the exception of the occasional, non game breaking bugs.

Puzzle and adventure blended into platform game!

The story of the game (same as original Flashback, but in enhanced version) is that you're a guy who awakes in a jungle with no memories whatsoever. The gameplay is similar to classic Prince of Persia, with the difference that you have a gun. While the stage are well designed, sometimes navigating might get confusing and without a guide, you might get lost sometimes. Both graphics and sounds are equally well done.