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Flight Assignment: A.T.P. - Airline Transport Pilot (pc game)
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  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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A great civil flight simulator

Years and years later after its initital release, this game is arguably the most detailed and realistic civil flight simulation game (like Airline Simulator) that is a must have for all flight sim enthusiasts of all ages. From Toronto to Chicago, from San Diego to New York, you have literally hundreds of possible flights that you can fly on your Boeing civil airplane. The sense of realism is huge - you feel like you are flying a real commercial flight in the air. There is also a multi-voiced air traffic control simulator to increase the experience. The graphics of the game are incredibly realistic and detailed, even for 1990, the year the game initially came out and the audio is also top quality. The sheer excitement, the great and detailed gameplay and immense realism will leave nobody indifferent and the game is a must have for all flight sim lovers. Have fun!