Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0

Simulation 1989 Dos Electronic Arts Flight Civil flight

Minimalist old timey flight game

Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0 is such a relic of a game, that, to look at it and analyze it objectively would be weird! Because, it's so old and dated that it's not even in color! Most of it is sepia grey scale. Anyway, it was a simulator or tried to be a simulator, which is why it is also very slow, but, for some reason, it can fulfill one's fantasy of playing a game that almost seems too old to be verisimilous, let alone enjoyable. At any rate, it has got value in itself through the fact that it was a stepping stone towards later Yeager titles and for its time period it really managed to create a very unique and exciting atmosphere. So, without a doubt, you have got to try it out, it has that feel and that look that screams vintage, and sometimes that's all that one needs! Expect almost barren boards of black as terrain and lighter shades from the sky, a heavy large dashboard and slow moving frames! For the right kind of player, in the right kind of circumstances, this can be the game to sink into! Else, download Microsoft's roaster of flight games, there's something for everyone there.

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